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I am a little behind in my blog posting, I was going to do Thursday last night (Friday night) but I stayed at work later and by the time I got home, I was to tired.

Anyway, this is my Thursday.

Thought I better get up, I had to wash my hair this morning - shower, washed hair, dresses, dried hair, makeup, socks, and boots.

My Rossi boots and jeans, part of my daily dress. I work in a office where I don't see customers, so jeans and boots are my usual dress. My poor boots have had it but the right one sole is just hanging in there, but I think it will be the last week I where them. I have ordered a new pair at work but they are taking forever to turn up!

My lunch bag, left over Satay chicken from last night, the most amazing strawberries, a pear and Peckish crackers. I am so bad at eating breakfast, I never usually bother. Just a black coffee.

Record time, today I am ready in 25 minutes!! This is my clock my Mum gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago, it matches my Kitchen Aid mixer! I love it.

Because I was early and I left my travel cup at the office, I stopped at Macca's for a coffee, I also drink black coffee, and they now make you a proper coffee from the McCafe. 

I had to wait for the train this morning, the first time ever on the way to work. The traffic lights stop us just down from the train line.

Not that you can see it, but it is pouring down. 

Cleaning the coffee machine, all the drivers have got used to me doing it now and have a morning cappuccino. They are funny guys!!

  Not a typical Thursday, today I had an induction at my new office site, I look this sneaky photo while the lady was out of the room and all the other people doing the induction didn't think I was to strange!! It took about 2 hours, they took my photo and printed an access card for me. I popped down and said hi the my colleagues at the office. Had a quick look at our new office, it is so tiny!! We will all be sitting very close to each other. 

I had a new driver Matt come with me for the induction today, so he drove. 

A big part of my day is truck servicing, I have a monthly planner in front of me always with a record of what needs doing. It is not the easiest thing to manage but I am getting better at it. 

Afternoon coffee, I don't like the coffee coming from the machine at the moment, it is a good thing really, I drink less! 

I worked late today because of the induction this morning, the sunset was very pretty tonight. I snuck this photo while I was waiting a the red light.

I didn't have the healthest dinner, I found this new dipping bread and I LOVE flat breads that I can dip, Naan is my favourite in a curry!

I had a glass of wine tonight with and after dinner, I wrote my Wednesday blog post, Watched the Project, and watched some cooking shows on SBS, Luke Nguyen is doing a France one at the moment, the food always looks amazing!! Because I stayed up so late last night I was extra tired tonight. About 8:15pm I went off for a shower.

My bed is nice and cozy now, last weekend I brought myself a new doona, I am feeling the cold in my new place more or I am getting old!!

In bed, I was going to have a look at everyone else's Week in the Life blog post, I love reading about everyone else life's!! I was watching the Footy Show in the background. 

Where did that hour go! Next thing I know it is 9:26pm! Lights off and sleep Kate!!

Thanks for reading my post, if you would like to know more about Ali Edwards Week in the Life have a read of her amazing blog here

Kate xx

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