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Wednesday and I am still going, I am very proud of myself. Usually after a day, I forget or get to busy with work to remember to keep going!! Not this time, I so much very hope that I can can fit it into my Project Life, this year I think I have completed one week in May! 

To my Wednesday, again radio alarm comes on at 4:25, I am a very light sleeper and always wake up with the radio, I am so old, I love listening to the old ABC radio!! But just in case I one day sleep in I have a second alarm on my phone at 4:30am, however this morning I was lying there waiting for my snooze alarm to go off, I look over and realized I turned it off the first time...oh shit...jump out of bed, shower, no wahing my hair this morning - dry shampoo - my favorite!

My makeup at the moment, Cover Girl Mascara, Models Prefer Nude eye shadows, and Morgan Annie mineral powder foundation. I love that stuff!

Today I made a sandwich for my lunch, salami, cheese, lettuce and usually tomato, but I only have cherry tomatoes in the fridge, and salad cream. It is my favorite sandwich and it has been a while since I have made a sandwich for lunch. I also had another punnet of strawberries and a pear that was left over from yesterday. I am pretty hopeless at eating breakfast, I usually just have my black coffee, until mid morning and then I might snack on some fruit.

 Coffee, I LOVE my Nespresso machine, I am running very low on pods now, I will have to visit Nespresso this weekend in the city and stock up! I have a very small kitchen in my apartment, I am using the mircowave wall holder as my coffee spot.

I am slightly late for work again, similar to yesterday. I don't know whats going on at the moment!

I arrived 5:35am, got the driver going on there day, I took a couple of the driver down to one of ther servicing company's to pick up one of the OSR trucks that blew a turbo on Monday. 

Lovely cool morning again, it is drizzling, the view over the Indian Ocean is lovely as usual even with the demolition crews pulling the place down around us! The land is prime Fremantle Real Estate, and has been sold for million dollar apartments. I am saving my dollars now so I can buy one...dreams..

There is a driver thru coffee place on the way back the I have wanted to try and I love finding a new coffee place, this was Hot Shot's coffee. It was great, and they gave me a little ANZAC biscuit with it. 

My Desk selfie today, this is from my laptop and one of my screens, I love my two computer screens!

I love this place, it is so enjoyable watching ship sail by, and today I saw a Navy ship on its way into port. The zoom on my iPhone was at full with this photo.

I had to go out and sort a few things out with one of the road trains today, this part of my job is my favorite, out with the trucks! Look at the sky, blue as...

Not long after...


The rain was so heavy for a few hours this afternoon, this is the view out the window behind my desk. I must remember to take a photo of my view from my front window.

I was looking for a document today and after months of not sorting out my filing I finally just sorted it all out..thank goodness!


The early morning guys paperwork I leave out for them.

After work today, I left late, about 4pm, I just went straight home, not via the gym again!!

It was a nice wet afternoon and the view from my front window.

I had a heap of dishes to put away from Monday..very unlike me to leave dishes. I cannot stand not having the dishes done every day.

 I saw a photo on Ali's blog of her washing her hands in the sink, I tried to re-create it!!

When there was a break in the rain I run out and checked the mail box, the night before I went out and removed the no junk mail sign from my mail box, this is the first!! I really did it because I heard on the radio that the Ikea catalog is due out from this Saturday and it says cover up your no junk mail signs.

 I made Satay chicken for dinner, watched Gilmore Girls and Friends, then started reading everyone else Week in the Life blogs and thought I am going to do that!! I had the Australian Bacholar on  in the background, i can't stand it, but it was the best thing on TV..

While I was writing my blog.

I finally finished and I could bearly keep my eyes open, so I went for a shower and brushed my teeth. I always have 2 glasses of water after I have brushed.

 I usually have a quick bathroom clean most nights, I read it was the way to keep your house in order! It think it works well, I like to come home to a clean place.

In bed and it is 10:08pm! So late for me, I have Sherlock Homes on my bedroom TV tonight.

I am feeling quite awake now, so I read more peoples blogs, you all have such amazing blogs!

Completely staged photo, but I have really enjoyed think about the different ways to capture my everyday. 

Thanks for reading about my day.

Kate xx


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