Monday - Week in the Life


A lot has changed since the last time I did a Week in the Life, I have moved from Perth, back to Albany and I have changed jobs. I now am working as an Admin & Accounts in for another Fuel company. I am loving being back in Albany, it is nice to be home and with my family again.

I am so tired this morning, it was a huge weekend. I drove with Mum over to Bunbury, about 3 1/2 hour drive, camped the night and had no sleep to attend a Dog agility trail. Mum did really well, she got 2 first place!

This morning I woke up a 6:45am and really wanted to go back to bed...

Morning view out of the front window, I am usually the first one up so I open up the house blinds & windows.

My Pajamas, they are really old, my Russell Athletic jumper is so old & stained, but I love it. I only wear my slippers in the mornings, otherwise I end up wearing my ugg boots to work. It has happened on a couple of occasions!

I made porridge for breakfast this morning. I make it with oats & water, then finish with milk, maple syrup & All-bran. 

This is my office, it is quite nice and the view is great! I am so far behind in my filing.

Morning coffee from Cosi's Cafe next door to our office. Today it was quite nice.

I popped home at lunch time, which I don't normally do, to put on my pork roast in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. I think I am pushing my luck, but I put it on anyway!

Back at work, I had some lunch while I worked. I stopped later in the day for a quick game of Candy Crush on the computer...I have been stuck on this level for ages now.

At 4:30, Simon and I packed up from work. I headed straight home to cook the rest of my dinner, I was going to a friends house for a bring a dish dinner. I was planning on taking pulled pork with BBQ sauce, but it wasn't ready!! So I made Macaroni Cheese, this was a good one, best yet I think!

Ferguson was under my feet while I was cooking, he is always hungry now days, so feeding him keeps him amused for a while at least.

This is dinner! There was so many pasta's, roast lamb, chicken, pork dumpling soup, & butter chicken. It was all so good winter comfort food! I didn't eat all this myself...there was quiet a few people at dinner. It was at my friend's Vicki place, and they invited a crowd.

I got home about 10pm, and my pork was ready. I shredded it and popped it in the fridge. 

Time for a shower, I am living at Mum & Dads place for the moment and this is the worst shower. I am kinda used to it now, but I still don't like it, takes forever for the hot water comes through, the water spray is terrible and its not wide enough. Then brushed my teeth, I just found my electric toothbrush. I lost it when I moved!

 Once I was in bed, I put on The Good Wife and looked through Instagram...

 Ferguson found the comfy spot for the night, he always takes up half the bed. 

It was 11pm before I turned my light, I am so tired but of course I stayed up to late.

Thanks for reading about my day.


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