Friday - Week in the Life


I have enjoyed doing Week in the Life so much, it has been alot of fun, thinking about different ways to take photo's.

Last day of my working week, the last time this week my alarm goes off at 4:25am!! Up, had a quick shower, dressed, dry shampooed my hair, makeup, socks and my Sketchers Go Walks (I finally decided that my boots have had it and not wearing them anymore), used the last of my perfume,  and I was ready!!

Always look best this time of the morning!! Even if it is 5am...

I was on the last on my Nespresso pods today, I found a Ristretto in the bottom of my tin! I will have to visit Nespresso this weekend and take back all my pods. I keep them and take them back to the store and they recycle them.

It  raining again, this has been the wettest week for a long time! Leaving early again today!

My computer was playing up this morning, so I did the dreaded restart. It takes forever!!

The side view from outside my office at sun rise.

 I was going about my work this morning and I here a huge crash, the demo guys started pulling down the old tank farm, they started with the little tank. It was noisy all day around the yard.

Breakfast this morning, I can't remember what time this was, maybe 9am.

 The forecast morning thunderstorm was here approaching.

 Then is poured down and that was it, I think it rained for most of the day!!

A few shots from inside my office, the window in front of me, a selfie with Kris working in the background, over my left shoulder, 2 visiting staff from Queensland doing some training with the drivers all week but they are in the office today AND finally it makes an appearance - my selfie stick! It is always in my handbag, but I never get it out!!

 Morning coffee...the stuff from the machine inside still tastes like crap!

Lunch time! We go this thing, burger Friday's!! This is from Flipside burger in North Fremantle, Prince Harry ate there when he was in Perth a few months ago!! My favourite today, its called the Blue Train - Beef with Blue Cheese, tomato relish & salad. It is so good!

The afternoon went so quickly, I was so busy working on some new trip sheets that I would like to implement, since from next week I won't be seeing the drivers on a daily basis, given them as much info as possible. Next thing I knew it was 6:35pm, 13 hours at office today. The weather so horrible, cold, very wet and windy.

This is my last Friday at the Fremantle office and I have wanted to go to the Fishing Boat harbour for dinner at Cicerello's since I moved there, so I thought I better do it tonight and being dinner time, i thought why not now! I got a good photo of the rain with my DSLR, I remembered to take it to work today! There was no one outside out the freezing weather, while I was waiting for my order I went out and took some photos.

A few photos from around the Fishing Boat Harbour in Fremantle. I got my dinner Seafood Basket takeaway, went back to my car and went home and ate it. Not long after I got home, there was the loudest crack of thunder I have ever heard, it made me jump, and that was it, there was no more after that.

I did some internet surfing/blog hoping for a while tonight, I brought some new PL cards from The Lilypad, I love all the creations they have on there site, I like buying digital, you can have it straight away!

I was feeling cold tonight, so I went and and had a shower, got in my dressing grown and continued to browse the internet. 

This is late for me on a Friday night, usually I am completely exhausted. I hopped into bed and just about went straight to sleep. 

Thanks for reading about my day. 

Today I figured out how to make my photos larger!! 



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