Week in the Life - 18 August 2015


I have wanted to partake in Ali Edwards Week in the Life since first came across it a few years ago and as usual I forgot! So I started a day late, I really should put my life planner to better use!

My day, Tuesday 18 August 2015 -

 My alarm goes off at 4:25am - I am still not used to it. I have a second alarm on my phone at 4:30. Up, shower, wash my hair, dress, dry hair, make-up, and put my breakfast and lunch in my bag. Today I seem to be running more behind than usual! At 5:14am, I am out the door in he car.

 My rolled my ankle pretty badly last week so I am still wearing it strapped up.


I arrive at work at 5:35, the latest I have ever been! I unlock the building and the tuck drivers turn up for the day shift ( I am the scheduler for a fuel company). 

After the usual small talk and work chit chat, I clean the coffee machine so they can have their morning cappuccino's.

All driver are have left for the day and the sun has come up. It is winter here in Perth, it is cool and cloudly and the breeze smelt amazing today, my office and yard backs right onto the Indian Ocean.

The photo's don't do the view justice, I will have to take my good camera into work this week. All these photos, by the way, are from my iPhone 6+.

This photo is funny, a rival company are in our yard re-filled the equipment that is demoing the site...and then the drivers can't get out of the gate so comes and asks me to let him out! I also got to drive the forklift around for a while today, loading a few pallets on a truck. I enjoy using the forklift, I miss I had remembered to take a photo!

This year's strawberries are amazing, I also brought in a Banana cake that I made last night and forgot to take a photo of, it was a big hit as usual.

Me at my very messy desk, I am usually organised, but in the last 6 months, I have gotten rather behind in everything.

After I finally left work, about 4:30pm, 11 hour shift, I stopped at Coles on the way home. Strawberries, hair conditioner, eggs, butter, tuna, plain flour, chicken, lettuce, cream, mushrooms, bread and dry shampoo! I got home, watched some TV, Gilmore Girls on Gem & The Project on Ten.

It was bin night, I took all the rubbish out to the bins out on the road.

I didn't eat any dinner tonight, I had a couple of peices of fresh bread when I got home and that filled me up!

By 8pm, there was nothing on TV, and I couldn't see my knitting anymore, my eyes were heavy. So I went off for a shower (I got all inspired about Ali's shower pictures, so I started out with this one!!) Brushed my teeth and hoped into bed.


Time:8:35pm - Bed Time!

I played a game of Pet Rescue Sage on my work phone and started watching NCIS, I put the sleep timer on my TV and was well and truly asleep before 9pm.

I am so pleased with myself that I managed to get a whole day completed, even if I did miss a few good photo opportunity. 

Please see Ali Edwards Tuesday blog post for further information about the Week in the Life. I just love reading everyone elses Days!!

Good Night.

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