Melbourne in May


Melbourne in May, it was very COLD!!  Coming from Albany I am used to it being a bit cold, but this was a whole new experience for me. I had such a great time at Stampin' Up Convention, I was taught so many new techniques and I am having the toughest time decided what to do first!!  I should unpack!!  Then put in an order for all of the new products I need.

But in the mean time while I get myself organized, here are a few photos of Melbourne that I took. I love Melbourne, and one thing I noticed was all the little birds that roam the streets and are to fat to fly off the ground more than a meter. I guess they are just adapting to their environment!! I took some photos of them, but they didn't turn out that good!!

These are from the top floor window of the Melbourne Convention Center.

Two of the little fat birds who managed to fly up to the table.

I will put up some photos of my scrapbook pages & cards soon. 
My +one.....get organised.

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